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AR-15/10 .223/.308 Screaming Banshee Can Muzzle Brake Krinkov Style Pressure Reducer Flash Suppressor/Hider 3 Piece Design

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AR-15/10 .223/.308 Screaming Banshee Muzzle Brake Pressure Reducer 1/2x28 or 5/8x24 Pitch Thread

Product Description:  This can brake is based off of the Russian Krinkov design, it is in essence a suppressor with 1 baffle and an open conical face, it does not suppress sound but it does suppress flash and also directs all concussion down range at a 20 degree angle. This is important if you are defending in close quarters, a regular "bird cage" will direct concussion virtually 180 degrees from the muzzle thus blasting your squad with a physical concussion report. 


  • Industrial Grade Steel
  • Heat Treated
  • 3 piece Krinkov design
  • Solid Machined Construction
  • Double Black Oxide Finish, Hot Oil Cured
  • Reduced back pressure
  • Measures 3.4" L X 1 7/16" OD X  9 oz.
  • 1/2"x28 or 5/8x24 Pitch


Double Black oxide finish and Hot Oil cured, solid precision machined construction. The AR muzzle brake will reduce recoil & climb which will improve shooting and control. The AR Krinkov style muzzle brake redirects propellant gasses and reduces recoil and flash dramatically. Wraps around your threaded barrel and threads on 1/2"x28 pitch. This muzzle brake is great for an AR pistol, SPR, and a SBR AR15.


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